52 Weeks: #4 Scavenger Hunt

52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games with Stencil Label

52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games: #4 Scavenger Hunt

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Disney Cars has made another appearance this week. Doc Hudson’s Scavenger Hunt Printable is tailored more to objects you would find while running on a sidewalk or in neighborhood.   The African Safari Scavenger Hunt Printable is geared more towards the runners who jog on park paths.

Doc Hudson's Scavenger Hunt Feature

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This game is more advanced; it requires that your child can read basic words.  However, my son is not yet four and is unable to read, so I read the items and we look for the objects together.

Target Age Group: 3-5 years old

How to Play:   Print the Free Printable Scavenger Hunt pages. Laminate it for future use and provide a washable marker.  However, if you do not trust your child with a washable marker, print out the Scavenger Hunt game when necessaryand provide your child with a crayon.

African Safari Scavenger Hunt Feature Pic

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Provide your child with the printable and explain to them when they find the item, put a check in the box.  In my house, that generally means drawing a picture on top of the check box, but it works and keeps my child occupied longer. Preparation Time (More Advanced Game): 0-5 minutes time required (depends if you choose to laminate your sheets or not). Materials:

  • Printable
  • Scissors
  • Washable Marker or Crayon
  • Con-Tact Self Adhesive Lamination paper (optional)


  • FREE w/printable no Laminate Paper
  • With Laminate Paper: $3.59
  • Con-Tact $3.59

Disclaimer:  Before incorporating any of these Stroller Runner Games, please ensure you warm up properly and stretch to avoid any injuries. For more Stroller Runner Games, please see the posts below.

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