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Additional Equipment

I went back to work after he was three months old, so I have to pump three times a day to keep my supply up.  If you choose to go this route, I would consider purchasing additional breastfeeding accessories such as Medela Breast Pump Accessory Set and the Medela Membranes.  The membranes you will not need right away, but if you are pumping on a constant basis (more than 3 times a day), you will probably have to replace yours every two months.

Also, you might consider purchasing Medela Quickclean Wipes – 24-pk; they have been a God send because it makes it so much easier to clean while at work.  To make your life easier, consider purchasing the Medela Quick Clean Microwave Cleaning Bags (5 Count).  These microwave cleaning bags are used to sterilize your breast pump; each bag is good for 20 uses and it takes only two minutes.

Nursing Pillow

I received a hand me down Boppy from a dear friend.  Unfortunately, I never used it to its full potential as a nursing aid.  Instead of using it to support my baby while breast feeding, it came more handy in supporting my son while napping as an infant.  I know that Boppy’s have been very helpful for most, but I found it easier to hold my baby in my arms while breast feeding.

According to Boppy’s website an ergonomic study, results showed that the Boppy feeding and support pillow places you in a more comfortable, ergonomic position to help relieve stress on your back, neck and shoulders.

The good thing is Boppy pillows can grow with your baby.  Like I said, they can be used for lounging, as well as tummy time and assisting your baby to sit up.  At the age of 1, we now use the Boppy as back support for the parents.