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Wipes and Diaper Rash Creams

Diaper Wipes

In my sister in-laws opinion, Kirkland baby wipes are the best out there.  They are alcohol and scent-free, and they come in a nice carry-with you case with a plastic lid.  She uses them for absolutely everything, from poopy butts to sticky toddler fingers and faces.

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rashes are inevitable; unfortunately they are going to happen no matter how clean and dry you keep your babies bottom.  I received several types of diaper rash creams at my baby shower, but hands down the one that works best for our little man is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®.  I have a large jar of it and

several travel sizes.  If our son gets a diaper rash, it goes away within 24 hours when we use Boudreaux’s.  On one of our road trips, I forgot to pack the Butt Paste and I had to use Desitin. It did not work as well and I ended up after two days of the diaper rash going to CVS and purchasing another tube of Boudreaux’s.   Boudreaux’s is available at most pharmacy/drug stores and most baby stores.

When you baby gets a diaper rash, do not use baby wipes.  The perfume and scents (Chemicals) hurt the baby’s bottom; use warm water and cotton balls to clean their rears.  Then let your baby’s bottom air dry and then apply Boudreaux’s.

Another cream that has received rave reviews from new moms is California Baby Calendula Cream.  According to a friend of mine, her daughter has extremely sensitive skin and eczema and this cream works extremely well.  The cheapest you can find is at Amazon for $8.63 if you have Amazon Prime (where you do not pay shipping). If you do not have Amazon Prime, the cheapest place to purchase it is at Target (not online, you will have to go to the store) for $11.99.

This section has been contributed by my sister-in-law a nurse in at the labor and delivery ward.


Please note the active ingredient in all diaper rash creams is zinc oxide. Boudreaux’s has 16% zinc oxide concentration. The higher the zinc oxide content, the more protective the cream will be in treating and/or preventing rash. So if Boudreaux’s is not available, I encourage you to read the back of ingredient labels in baby products, just like you would read a food label.