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You might have heard about a lot of moms who breastfeed are generally concerned about supplementing formula; however, I was not one of those moms.  I made sure we had a can of instant, powder formula in the house just in case of an emergency regardless if I was going to breast feed or not; this was advice we received in one of baby classes prior to giving birth.  You do not want to be out running errands and your husband is at home with a screaming baby who is hungry and he cannot feed he/she.

My sister-in-law who is a nurse in the labor and delivery ward gave me advice on type of formula she recommends and she also used for her own children it is called Gerber Good Start Protect PLUS formerly known as Carnations Good Start.  It is easy on the stomach and apparently is the formula closest to breast milk in regards to nutrients, vitamins and has probiotics.  Some other formulas are starting to put probiotics in theirs, but I have found this was is still the best and most gentle on our son’s stomach.  Luckily, I do not have a child who has had allergic reactions to dairy.

I buy the powder formula because it has a shelf life of 3 months once it is open.  If you get the premixed formula in a can, once it is open you have 24 hours to use it.

Also, what came in very useful for us in the first few months of our son’s  life were the newborn 2 oz. prepared formula bottles Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Nursette 2 oz – 6-Pack or Similac Advance Newborn bottles Ready-to-feed 8 Pack (2 fl oz). They give these two you at the hospital – even if you do not use them why you are there, take them.

Make sure you keep the nipples the hospital provides; do not throw them away, wash them.  The reason being is if you buy more of this formula in the stores after your hospital supply runs out – like us – generally, the nipples are not sold at the stores with the formula or sold separately.

This section has been contributed by my sister-in-law a nurse in at the labor and delivery ward.

Moms on a Budget

For moms on a budget, especially for those whose babies need a more specialized formula (lactose sensitive, partially hydrolyzed, etc.)  Target brand makes an identical copy of Enfamil/Similac’s formulas, in almost every variety.  The cost is literally one half of Enfamil and Similac and is nutritionally the same.   I know there may be many moms out there who are squeamish about using store-brand formula, or may feel like they are cheating their baby if they don’t go with the more expensive, but literally all you are paying more for is advertising.   I have to agree with my sister in-law; I am one of those guilty parents that is a bit nervous about purchasing store brands.

Most moms do not know that Infant formula is the most strictly regulated product in the Food and Drug Admissions (FDA); therefore all the ones out there have to be nutritionally equivalent.  Enfamil and Similac have the market for formula, which is why they do clever things like send out coupons if you register with them.  My sister in-law can’t tell you how many patients she had that will chose one of those two brands because they received coupons in the mail.   Even using the coupons, Enfamil and Similac are still more expensive.

Target is also the cheapest of anywhere to purchase generic acetaminophen or ibuprofen, both infants and children.

This section has been contributed by my sister-in-law a nurse in at the labor and delivery ward.