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Breastpads were something I should have bought stock in. I wore them from two weeks prior to delivery through 8.5 months post delivery 24 day 7 days a week.  I wore the Medela Disposable Pads.  I tried the reusable type, but I found those to be a pain and more work than I willing to put in.  I know this is not the “green” way, but for a tired, exhausted, working mom this was the best solution for me.  I went through 6 a day (2 for working out, 2 for daily use, and 2 for night time wear).  I would buy a box of 60 and go through that approximately every two weeks.

# of Breastpads and Cost

8.5 months (Breastfed) * 2 weeks (Prior to giving birth) = 9 months
(9)(30) = 270 days (270)(6) = 1620 Breast pads
1620/60 = 27 boxes of breast pads

The cost of a box of 60 ranges between $12-15; therefore, on average (at $14 per box) I spent about $378 on breast pads for 9 months.