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If you are planning to use disposable diapers then in your third trimester, start buying diapers in size one every other time you go to the store and at least purchase one package of newborn diapers. This way, you have diapers in the house as soon as you get home from the hospital and no one needs to run out and get them; you and your husband will both be tired.  This was advice I received from a dear friend and I am glad I listened because I delivered our son in a snow storm.

Also, you will hear people say you do not need newborn diapers or clothes because they are not in them too long; I was glad to have some because our son was in new born diapers until he was at least 6 weeks old and in his new born clothes until he was 8 – 10 weeks old.   A great place to buy diapers as well is www.diapers.com.  They ship for free, deliver next day and have a lot of other great products.

Remember, in the first 6 weeks you will go through at least 10 – 12 diapers a day; the baby should poop after every feeding.  This is not a joke.

There are so many debates about what is the best disposable diaper brand between Pampers and Huggies. This is truly a personal preference and it is based on what fits your child the best.  I loved Pampers Swaddlers for newborns.  They use these at our hospital and they were very easy to use, plus have a line indicator that goes down the front of the diaper and when the diaper is wet it changes color, so you know when you need to change your baby.  It is a helpful guide for new moms.    Currently, the place that sells the largest box (240 diapers per box) is Amazon.

But with regards to daily use, we did go back and forth between Huggies and Pampers for the first 6 -8 months of my son’s life, but I have recently found I have become more of a Pampers fan.  For the evening, the best diaper for my son is Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Dry (they only go up to size 4); they seem to hold up well during the evening and I had no leaks with them.  I found that Target sells them the cheapest by $1 – 5 per box of 180 diapers. Huggies Overnights did not work for us; if our son wears them – because I run out of the others – either I am changing him in the middle of the night or I wake up to a big leaky diaper and wet sheets in the morning.  We have tried Wegman’s store brand and they are like card board and do not hold up well against my son forever stream of pee.

During the day, my son is wearing Pampers Cruisers Dry Max, which work well and seem to hold up.   I can find these in bulk for the cheapest on www.diapers.com.

According to my sister in-law, Kirkland diapers are fabulous too; they are her favorite, over Pampers or Huggies, for quality, comfort and cost.


A little tip that was passed along to me is when your baby is about 8-10 weeks old, start using one size larger diaper at night. The reason being the larger size diaper holds more and you should not have to change your baby often or not at all at night. I found that if I change our son in the middle of the night, it wakes him up and makes it much harder to get him back to sleep, thus making for a longer night.