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Website & Birth Boards

Some website and birth boards that both my husband and I found helpful before, during and after giving birth.

  • Baby Center – tons of great information.  They send you a weekly email to you and your spouse with what to expect for the week.  It will be amusing because every week your baby is compared to a fruit or a vegetable.  Although, you can find questions and answers about just about anything when it comes to pregnancy, emotions, body issues, in laws, parenting, clothes, etc.
  • The Bump – not as helpful, but useful.
  • Parent Dish
  • Brand New Dad – Brand New Dad is a social network and resource center for New Dads and Expectant Fathers.
  • DC Urban Mom – If you live in the Washington, DC area, you will find some great information.

If you would like information on breastfeeding resources, please refer to Resources for Breastfeeding.