Breastfeeding, Pumps and More

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Breastfeeding, Pumps and More

I never viewed myself as a mom that would breastfeed. Prior to having my son, the thought of breastfeeding did not seem as natural to me as it did to other women. My sister and sister in-laws breast fed, so I had been around breastfeeding moms, but I just never was really comfortable with the idea of baring my naked breast for everyone to see. I am well educated and understood that breast feeding is the best thing – if I was capable – I could do for my baby, but I was uncertain.

With my husband’s encouragement, we signed up for a breastfeeding class in case I decided that was the route I was going take. Ultimately, I was that mom that did breastfed and enjoyed it.

No, I was never really comfortable breastfeeding in public, so most times I would pump if we were going out and carry a bottle of pumped milk for my son. Of course, there were several occasions that I did need to feed, but I was fully covered with my trusty Udder Cover.

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