Maternity Clothes

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Maternity Clothes

For most moms, shopping for maternity clothes is not one of the top things they are looking forward to when they find out their pregnant. Maternity clothes are not an immediate necessity, but within a few months of finding out one is pregnant, she will need them.

If you are anything like me, when I found out I was pregnant this is one of the first areas of concern. I did not want to spend too much money on maternity clothes that I was only going to wear for a short relatively short period of time – although, it might seem long at the time. I still wanted to look stylish, but was not willing to pay the big price tags.

Therefore, most of my shopping was done online. Overall, I probably spent about $350 – $400 on maternity clothes for the entire time.   Also, I got great hand-me-downs from a dear friend.  If you are offered hand me downs, take them even if they are not your style because you are never going to know when you are going to need something.  Your body changes quickly.  Besides, look at it as a chance to try on a new look…this might be the only whimsical experience for a while!

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