Exciting News! Run Stroller Run’s New Website Launched

Exciting News!

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Screen Capture of the New Site

As most of you know, I have been posting a number of stroller running posts here, and RunStrollerRun.com was redirected here to my personal web site.  Well, I am very excited to let you all know that Run Stroller Run’s new website has launched!

I started Run Stroller Run after a January 2013 post on how difficult it was to find stroller-friendly races.  It seems I wasn’t alone, based on the outpouring of interest from racers to race directors and running companies of all types. We started our interactive stroller-friendly calendar in April 2013, and plans have been afoot to put our offerings on a really top-notch platform.  So many people were inquiring about stroller-friendly races throughout the United States – and now the world – I felt it was important that Run Stroller Run have its own dedicated site.  Well, now that Run Stroller Run’s new website has launched, we can really provide the most comprehensive collection of stroller-friendly races in the world in its own website.

Our first step is to ensure all races provided on our site are stroller-friendly, family-friendly or kid-friendly.  Our next big push will be providing a Race Rating feature whereby, race participants can provide feedback on the races, facilities, race directors, kid’s activities, etc.  By the end of 2014, we hope to roll out our Run Stroller Run stroller-friendly, family-friendly and/or kid-friendly race certification; whereby race directors will be able to certify their race(s) as “stroller-friendly”, “family-friendly” and/or “kid-friendly” race. Once the race(s) is approved and certified by our team of experts, the race directors will receive a Run Stroller Run seal to be used on their websites and other race materials, giving you the participants the ability to automatically recognizes races as stroller-friendly, family-friendly and/or kid-friendly.

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Race Identification

You have no idea how time-consuming this has been at times, I want to thank my consultant Cheryl Rushing for all her help in getting the list pulled together.  If you want to see more races, please continue referring us to your favorite race directors.  And we’re going to ramping up our work with the companies that support the stroller-friendly community, and looking for guest bloggers as well.  If you know of any companies that want to reach healthy, athletic families and kids that race, direct them here.  If you are interested in being a contributing blogger, click here.

The stroller-friendly calendar on my site will no longer be active, but if you click on the Stroller Friendly Race Calendar link, it will redirect you to our new site.  Also, any Run Stroller Run tagged blog posts, will now be moved on the new site as well. But I hope you’ll continue to come by LaraCoffee.com and see what I have to say on  a number of non-stroller-related topics…some of you have been kind enough to tell me how much the ideas in this forum have helped, and I’m glad to have the opportunity.

Thank you all for your support, input and following us on this site.  In the future, if you are looking for stroller-friendly, kid-friendly, or family-friendly races visit our new site at www.RunStrollerRun.com.

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