52 Weeks: #1 Red Light, Green Light

 52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games: #1 Red Light, Green Light

52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games with Stencil Label

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Stroller Runner Workout:  20 Minute Tempo workouts by using 10 x 20 seconds -1 (20 seconds – 1 minute on/20 seconds – 1 minute off). Of course, this may vary depending on how excited your child gets; it might be more like 20 seconds on/20 seconds off.

20 Seconds – 1 Minute on = Tempo run (Zone 4), a continuous runs at lactate threshold, near your one-hour race pace, which is a hard run. You most likely will be out of breath when you finish your 20 seconds to a minute on.

20 seconds -1 Minute off = Easy jog (Zone 2)

Here is how to calculate your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Training.

The workout came from Greg McMillian, RunningTimes.com.

When you run a this tempo workout, it’s important to remember that the “off” minute isn’t a slow jog but is run at your normal easy run pace. If you run too slowly on the “off” minute, you’ll end up running too fast on the “on” minute and change the session from a stamina workout to a speed workout. Over time, you’ll notice the pace stays pretty fast throughout with less variation between “on” and “off” minutes. That’s when you know you have it dialed in.

Week1 pic for DownloadGame Target Age Group: 2-4 years old

How to Play (Basic):   After a proper warm up, have your little one shout out “green light” to go.  Run 1 minute on Tempo run with the stroller when he/she says “green light”.  Teach your child early about “yellow light” – slow down.  When you child yells, “yellow light”, do your 1 minute off (slow down the jog). This will make it easier on your body to slow down gradually instead of a hard stop every time. When your little one yells “red light” stop as quickly as possible and walk if your child will let you.

How to Play (Advanced):  Incorporate the use of red, yellow and green signs made with construction paper or the FREE Printable. Have them hold up the signs when they shout out the commands of “red light”, “green light” or “yellow light”.

Advanced Requirements:  Your child must know his/her colors in order to be able to hold up the coordinating colored signs with the commands he/she is shouting.

Preparation Time (More Advanced Game): 20 minutes

If you are time pressed, use the Free Printable; however, if you are not and want your kids to be more involved in preparing their lights, follow the instructions below.


  • 3 Sheets of Construction Paper (Red, Green & Yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and/or marker
  • Con-Tact Self Adhesive Lamination paper (optional)
  • Popsicle Sticks (optional)
  • Glue or Glue Stick (optional)

Making Instructions:

  1. Draw a circle 6” diameter circle on each piece of colored paper. Make sure the circle is large enough so you can see it when your child holds it up.
  2. If you have lamination paper, use the adhesive back and apply to both sides of each sheet.
  3. Write “Go” or “green”  in the green circle
  4. Write “Slow” or “yellow” in the yellow circle
  5. Write “Stop” or “red” in the red circle.
  6. Cut out each circle.
  7. Paste a Popsicle Stick on to each circle.


  • Basic Game: FREE
  • Advanced: FREE w/printable
  • Advanced Game: $11.89
    • Construction paper (if you have none) $7.89 for 300 sheets
    • Con-Tact $3.59

Disclaimer:  Before incorporating any of these Stroller Runner Games, please ensure you warm up properly and stretch to avoid any injuries.

Introduction to 52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games

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