52 Weeks: #2 I Spy

52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games with Stencil Label

52 Weeks of Stroller Runner Games: #2 I Spy

“I Spy” is a family and stroller friendly game that is mostly played by children and can be enjoyed by anyone. Not only is a great game for the stroller, but for traveling long distances.  Also, this game aids young children in becoming familiar with the alphabet, and also with observation.

52 Weeks 2 I Spy Feature ImagePrior to starting your run or while you are doing your warm-up, explain to your toddler the game you are planning to play and identify who will be player number one.

Target Age Group: 2-4 years old

How to Play:   Identify whether you or your child is player 1. Player 1 looks for something in sight or is visible around them. This can be any object, whether it’s a certain building, toy, or article of clothing. Begin the game with saying, “I spy with my little eye, something that _____”. The blank can be any clue about the object, such as “starts with the letter H”, “is yellow”, or “is round”.  With my little one, we try to use road signs, objects we see in nature, cars, etc.

Then other player asks questions about the object. If there are more than two players (e.g. you have twins or stroller two toddlers around), have each person ask one question per turn. Some questions can be asked about the color, placement (where it is), size, etc.

Make sure that the Player 1 answers with only a “yes” or “no”.

Keep guessing until the correct object is picked.

Preparation Time: 0 time required

Disclaimer:  Before incorporating any of these Stroller Runner Games, please ensure you warm up properly and stretch to avoid any injuries.

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