Healthy Snack Altnerative For Traveling Toddlers

Traveling with a toddler sometimes can be difficult, especially a hungry, tired toddler.  If you are like most parents, you want to ensure you have healthy snack alternatives– instead of cookies – and games to keep your little one occupied when you are standing in lines or waiting at the gate.   With airline regulations now, going through security with foods for toddlers can be difficult; unless it is formula or breast milk the TSA agents might not allow you through security lines with certain foods. Yes, you can buy food in the convenience stands and restaurants, but they might not have any healthy snack options to your liking.Smoooshed Apple

One healthy snack alternative that most likely will get through a TSA security line (although, it is always subject to the TSA Agent) is FruitaBu Organic Smooshed Fruit.  Portable and convenient, our Smoooshed Fruit Rolls contain:

  • 1 serving* of all-natural fruit
  • Now Non-GMO Project Verification
  • No artificial additives
  • Real-fruit purée
  • No added sugar – all sugar comes naturally from fruit

Smoooshed Apple Nutrional Facts

This taste great and I personally have been eating their fruit leather from years; I buy them at Whole Foods.

Originally, I was going to suggest the fruit puree pouches as the best healthy snack alternative for traveling with a toddler, but after reading about how much sugar is contained in the pureed fruit, I opted against them for my children.

However, if you are still interested in the fruit pouches, and a lot of parents are — companies such as Plum Organics, GoGo Squeez and Smashies Pouches—as well as multi-national conglomerates such as Gerber® sell them.  Most pouches are within the limit of 3.4 oz, and generally will be accepted by a TSA Agent.  Please check the pouch size before throwing them in your diaper bag or travel bag.

Please note most of these pouches contain a lot of sugar in compared to an actual piece of fruit, but less than a chocolate chip cookie.

Good luck with your travels and I hope you have a happy traveling toddler.