Baby Registry

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Baby Registry

Prior to creating a baby register, my husband and I went to Babies R’Us first because that is where everyone goes, right?  We soon realized that every Babies R’Us’ we went to the staff was inexperienced and not well versed on the products they carried.

We did not know much about Buy Buy Baby when we first visited the store, but soon after our first visit we were their customer.  In every department, they had sales personnel that knew their products and they did not try to up sell us the most expensive items.  Also, they welcome coupons from competitors and Bed Bath and Beyond, so I am always able to save money every time I purchase something from them.

When creating a baby registry at any store put all items on the registry you might need including items you do not think anyone will buy you such as breast pads, nipples, nursing bras, etc.  The reason being is you get 30% off your entire purchase after the baby is born when you close out your baby registry.  You can include things on your registry even after your baby showers up until the time you close out your registry.  Save yourself some money and time.

True Story

A true story, a couple from our Baby & Me swim classes were in need of two convertible car seats. Prior to going to Buy Buy Baby, they did their online research and found the Britax convertible car seat online for cheaper than what they were selling it for at Buy Buy Baby. The next time the couple went to Buy Buy Baby they brought a print out of the price comparison information to the manager. The manager verified that the online reseller was selling it for a cheaper price than the store. Once it was verified Buy Buy Baby honored the online competitor’s price and the couple was able to save about $300 on two new convertible car seats.

Because of this feedback, my husband and I tried the same thing. We were in need of a convertible car seat. I did some research and found the best price online. I printed out the websites with the information; they honored the online research and not only did we purchase one, but we bought two.

Only thing to note is if you ask them to match a competitors price, you will not be able to use a coupon with the price matching. This seemed to me a pretty fair deal.