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Bargain Shopping

Provided below are some online shops that I found the best deals.


$ = Least expensive

$$ = Moderately expensive

$$$ = Most expensive

$ eBay (online). eBay has some really great deals; new mothers are constantly placing their clothes up for auction because there is no guarantee that if they get pregnant again it will be the same time of year. I found some stylish designers that I really liked and you can find reasonable prices from designers like Isabella Oliver. Also when purchasing brand name maternity jeans, I was able to buy 7 for All Mankind, Juicy Couture, Lucky Brand Dungarees, Rock & Republic, True Religion, and many more on eBay. I was not willing to pay full price, so eBay was full of great options. I really loved my Lucky Brand maternity jeans.

$ Old Navy (online & selected stores). Old Navy has some great deals and very stylish, casual and work clothes; I really liked their maternity pants. Also, the majority of my casual sweaters I bought from Old Navy and I wore them all the time during the weekends. I was always layering while pregnant. Old Navy had the best camisoles and tanks, and they were perfect for multiple outfits.

Some of the Old Navy stores actually carry their maternity line, but not all.  If you are going to an Old Navy with the hopes of them carry maternity clothes, make sure you call first.

$$ Gap (online). The Gap clothes are a bit more expensive, but they have very nice work clothes, especially the work pants.

$$ Destination Maternity (stores & online). Destination Maternity has some really great deals, but something I noticed in all the stores are they do not have a big selection of petite clothes.  I am 5’ 4”, but I need shorter length pants.  This may not affect you nearly as much, but you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on alterations for clothes you will only wear for a limited time.

$$ Motherhood (stores & online). Motherhood and Destination Maternity are owned by the same parent company.

$$ Platex (stores & online). Platex is great for bras.  You do not want to spend a lot of money on because you probably will not want to wear them after giving birth.

$$$ Ann Taylor Loft (online). In the past two years, Ann Taylor Loft began carrying a maternity line.  They do not carry their maternity line in their stores, so you have to order the clothes online.  They have some really great work clothes for professional women.