2012 Stroller Friendly Races


*Updated April 22, 2013

For a comprehensive list of 2013 & 2014 stroller friendly races, please see the Stroller Friendly Race Calendar.  We currently have more than 1000 races listed and adding approximately 20 races weekly.


January 17, 2012

Stroller friendly races are hard to find. While many races discourage or outright prohibit the use of jog strollers during the race, I have found several races that offer special start times to strollers and some that encourage all family participation.

Although, in search of stroller friendly races, I have not found one comprehensive list anywhere. Sites such as Running in the USA, Active.com, or Runner’s World do not have a search filter for “jogging strollers”, so in order to find out if races are jog stroller friendly, you have to contact each individual race director.

As you can well imagine this is a daunting task, especially for parents who are trying to plan out their race schedules for the year.  Don’t get me wrong, I do plenty of races sans jog stroller – my husband and I switch of race days or get someone to watch our son – but, there are times it is nice to bring him to “race”.  As you know, for whatever reason, not all parents have the luxury of having someone else watch their child, so racing without them is not an option.

One note:  I do encourage anyone racing with a jog stroller to abide by Jog Stroller Racing Etiquette. This is very important not only for the safety of you and your baby, but also for the other runners.

I began doing research on stroller friendly races and reaching out to the race directors of each race so I can develop a 2012 stroller friendly races comprehensive list by state. Several women have joined the effort to build this list; dads you can participate as well. If you know of races that are stroller friendly and you like to add them to the list, please leave a comment below with the Race name, Date, Location, Time and Race distance.   I currently have Virginia covered and most of Arizona (thank you Kristy).

Please spread the word about the Stroller Friendly Races List development; the more comprehensive the list the better for all running moms and dads.

As race directors confirm that their races are stroller friendly, I will add the race to the list.

Please note: The list is constantly being updated. Click the picture below to view the list.

Thank you in advance for any help you’ve provided.

This is the 2013 list updated on March 5, 2013. I realized people kept downloading a 2012 version, so please make sure you look on the 2013 blog post for the most recent or check out the Jog Stroller Friendly Calendar located at the top of the menu bar.