The Ultimate Gift Bag/Basket for Running Moms (Dads too)



For those of you on a budget, but with a bit of time and energy, here are some ideas items to include in an Ultimate Gift Bag for Running Moms (and Dads too) that you can throw together online or with a short trip to your local sports store.

Depending on  how much money you want to spend The Ultimate Gift Bag for Running Moms (and Dads too) can cost you as little as $50. Of course, if Santa is feeling generous, you can always add something from the 10 Must Have Holiday Gifts That Every Running Mom Needs or the 10 Great Stocking Stuffer for Running Moms.

1.  Bag/Basket

Zoot Mesh Bag

You can purchase a relatively inexpensive basket from Target, craft store, Amazon, etc. However, if you are interested in your running, multisport mom or dad using it for multiple uses, consider purchasing a duffel bag, swim, sling or transition bag to put all your items in. You can purchase a relatively inexpensive transition bag for $49.99 or a mesh sling bag for $14.95.

2.  Body Glide, Lansinoh Nipple Cream, and/or Aquaphor – to prevent chaffing, also great for prevent blistering.

Body Glide ($8.95) can be bought online or purchased at any local running store; it is good to prevent chaffing.

Lansinoh Nipple Cream ($27.85) is not only great for breastfeeding moms, but it works just as well as and perhaps better than Body Glide to prevent chaffing, plus it is great lip balm and prevents feet from blistering.

Aquaphor ($7.99) is multi-purpose ointment as well. It is great to prevent chaffing, body cream for babies and toddlers, and great lip protection and prevent your feet from blistering.

I have used all three; I am partial to Aquaphor, then Lansinoh Nipple Cream and then Body Glide. However, if you purchasing this for a guy, you might consider purchasing the Body Glide, otherwise they might get odd looks if they bust out some nipple cream at a race.

3.  Suntan lotion

Supergoop Suncreen Wipes 30 SPF

Consider purchasing the suntan wipes ($10 for 8 wipes). They are easier to use during transitions and are great because they do not leak and are not messy when traveling. Plus they are great to use if you have kids. If your kid is anything like my toddler, he hates getting sunscreen on his face. This makes putting on sunscreen on so much easier.

4.  Wsyi Wipes (portable wet-wipes)

Every parent, especially moms could use extra wet wipes. Great for removing the permanent marker race numbers from your skin or a quick clean up after a sweaty race.

Consider purchasing portable, eco friend Wsyi Wipes ($11.95 100 Piece Bag). They are a small tablet the size of a few nickels can expand into a 9″ x 9″ biodegradable cloth.

Here is a video to explain how to use them.


5.  Tie-less shoelaces

The Yankz! Sure Lace System

The Yankz! Sure Lace System ($6.95 per set) or other tieless shoe laces such as Lock Laces ($4.99 per set) are a must have for multisport athletes that need to get their shoes on fast. Heck, as a parent this is necessary sometimes as well.

6.  Race Number belt

Orca Race Belt

Another cool item that speeds up transitions or just great for a 5K local race, but won’t bust your budget.  There are several types available on the market, but here are two suggestions; Orca Race Belt with Pockets ($15.95) and Fuel Belt Race Gear ($19.95).

7.  Nutrition

PowerBars Gel Blasts ($1.99 each), Gu ($1.40 each), Clif Blocks ($1.99 each), Honey Stinger Waffles ($1.44 each), etc. and any other sort of quick nutrition that your running and/or tri buddy may use. I love to train and race with Fig Newtons, but Stinger Waffles are my new favorite.

8.  Liquid Band Aids

Liquid Band Aids ($4.89) are great for sealing last minute nicks or cuts.

9.  Lip balm with sun protection.

Lip balm or Chap Stick is a necessity especially for long races and/or training runs. If you want to use multi-purpose, purchase Aquaphor.

Words to Sweat By Towels

10. Work Out Towels

The Words to Sweat by™ shop currently offers a variety motivational workout towels and key chains/zipper pulls. These towels are super cute, and loads of fun.

The total cost of The Ultimate Gift Bag for Running Moms (and Dads too) is between $50 and $100.  If you are still in need of gifts and need them quick, check out the 10 Must Have Holiday Gifts That Every Running Mom Needs or the 10 Great Stocking Stuffer for Running Moms.