Ironman Journey Q & A Part 4

Here we are again, round four of answering questions about my Ironman Journey.  The question of the day, What is your training schedule?

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What is your training schedule?

Training schedule…I feel like this should be an easy answer, but for me and my family, I have to be flexible yet consistent with my training schedule.

I do have two young children and at any given time, my schedule can change due to illnesses, work functions, hubby coaching schedule, etc.

crazy scheduleWorkout Schedule

  • Monday – Evening Family Run/Strength train 35-60 minutes
  • Tuesday – Morning Bike on my trainer (60 minutes)
  • Wednesday – Afternoon Swim workout and Track Workout
  • Thursday – Morning Bike on my trainer (60 minutes)
  • Friday – Off
  • Saturday – Morning Long Ride
  • Sunday – Morning Long Run

You will notice that only on Wednesday’s I get two workouts in; and most Wednesday I can only squeeze the swim in.  Most Ironman training plans I have researched and the one I receive from the team, schedules two a-day workouts at least 3 days a week. Two of those days generally consist of bike and swim.  As you can see, I only swim once a week.

I am fortunate enough to have grown up swimming, so for the most part this is not my weakest link. In addition, over the course of the last three years of being on Team Z, I replay what one of the coaches says all the time, “Swimming is the shortest part of the race. Swim nice and easy the first 100-200 meters and get your rhythm down.”

I bike in the mornings twice a week on my trainer. My husband coaches twice a week for the team (Tuesday and Thursday evenings) as a cycling coach. In order for him to coach, I do my rides in the mornings so I can care for our children at night. You know; dinner, bath, books, and bed.  Oh, that is my schedule not the kids. 🙂

Another area where I have not had as much time to invest in is strength training.   I understand the importance of strength training and actually it is one of my favorite activities to do for a workout, but between endurance and strength, endurance wins out at the moment. After the Ironman, I am looking forward to trying Cross Fit.

So again, you ask my training schedule. It is consist, but it does vary and the only way I could do any of this is because I have a very supportive husband and Sherpa.

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