Top 5 Important Reads for Au Pairs & Child Care Providers

Au Pairs live in our house and care for our children and I want to ensure they are as equipped with the most knowledge to protect themselves and my children from harm’s way. In addition, I want to provide an environment that is fun, healthy and presents the best experience for the Au Pair and my children.  Here are my top 5 important reads for Au Pairs & Child Care Providers.

5 Important Reads

swimmingDrowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning.  Now that summer is here, most Au Pairs are frequenting the pool with their host kids. Please read this article because what you think a drowning person should do, they won’t be able to do.



Child Care Emergency Check List.  As an Au Pair, if you do not have this information at your Child Care Emergency Checklist picfinger tips, please ensure you ask for immediately.  We have this information located in kitchen on the wall by the phone and phone chargers, in the diaper bag (you can put it in the kids pool or school bags), and a few more strategic places in the house.




social-media-logoMom, you told everyone! Kids Privacy Online.  We have social media guidelines in our house.  Most Au Pairs we know us Facebook to communicate with one another or another form of social media. Please ensure they know what your rules are about posting photos of your kids, home, etc. or using your children’s real names.



bed bugsWho Did Your Au Pair Bring Home?!?! “Sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite.” This is no longer just a phrase. According to Orkin Pest Control, they have seen a 33% rise in bed bugs since 2011.  As of 2012, New York (ranked 10th in the country) and Washington, DC (ranked 7th in the county), of course two of the places my Au Pair’s and their friends frequented.



Nap TimeTypical Sleep Schedule for Infants through 12 years old.  Do your children get enough sleep?  The general answer is “no”.  Since my kids are home all day and how well they sleep equals good or bad behavior, it is important our Au Pair and my husband and I are a team.  According to the Kim West, “If your toddler wakes before 6:00am, he’s probably overtired. Overtired children don’t sleep as well, or sleep as long, as well-rested ones.”