50 Holiday Gifts for Pregnant Fitness Enthusiasts

Pic of Pregnant Fitness Enthusiasts Holiday Gift List

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With the holidays so close, it can be challenging to shop for a mother-to-be, especially if you want to buy something specifically for her and not the baby.  I’ve had several pregnant running and fitness enthusiast mother’s-to-be ask me what would be some great presents to ask for during this holiday season.

I created a 50 Holiday Gifts List for Pregnant Fitness Enthusiasts based on my own personal experience. I have a lot of these items on this list that I have acquired pre and post pregnancies.

If you are going to be a running mama, I highly recommend the books from Another Mother Runner, Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother.   They are quick, enjoyable, easy reads.

Of course, if someone wants to splurge on a mom-to-be, the BOB Revolution SE jog stroller is an awesome gift. It is one of the best strollers I have owned and I currently own altogether four strollers.

The 50 Holiday Gifts for for Pregnant Fitness Enthusiasts gifts range from under $25 – under $600.  You can also find more gift ideas under Run Stroller Run’s Gift Ideas for Mama’s to Be on Pinterest.

Here is a selection of 10 gifts out of the 50 Holiday Gifts for Pregnant Fitness Enthusiasts.



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