50 Holiday Gifts for Au Pairs

Holiday Gifts For Au Pair

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Buying for an Au Pair, nanny, and/or child care provider can sometimes be difficult and for most parents more stressful than buying for their significant others. Your child’s care giver is watching your most precious asset(s) everyday and you want to ensure they feel appreciated.  The questions that go through my mind when shopping for my Au Pair are:

  • How much do I spend?
  • How much is too much?
  • Do I buy multiple presents or just one?
  • Is cash OK?
  • Do I give gift cards?

I have an Au Pair that lives in our house and is our adopted daughter, so I budget for her gifts like I do my other two children. She will be spending the holidays with us and waking up on Christmas morning with just as much anticipation and excitement as my three year old. Most Au Pairs have never experienced Christmas and/or other seasonal holidays American style, so in my experience all of our Au Pair’s are just as or more excited than my children.

Because it can be challenging to come up with some ideas, here is a list with 50 Holiday Gifts for Au Pairs with gifts ranging from under $25 – under $200.  You can also find more gift ideas under my Gift Ideas for Au Pairs on Pinterest.

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Here are eight gift ideas out of the 50 Holiday Gifts for Au Pairs.