Ironman Journey Q & A Part 2

Ironman Journey Q & A Part 2, where I answer the three  following questions: Are you crazy? Why now?  Why not before kids?  If you want to find out about whether I have kids and when did I start my Ironman Journey, read Ironman Journey Q & A Part 1.

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Are you crazy?

I decided to answer this question now because I seem to get this answer a lot.  The short and long answer to this question might just be “yes”. 

I have always thrived when I have more to do on my plate. In college, I always got my best grades during soccer season.  I only had a limited amount of time to dedicate to one task; therefore, when I did study it was more focused.  When I was in graduate school both times (10 years apart), ironic as it might seem, I found my roots back to triathlon.

So when it was “my” year for Ironman, I knew I could manage training, in conjunction with work and family life.  Plus, honestly there is a definite finish line and I know the training is not going to last forever.

Don’t get me wrong this has been extremely difficult, especially in the beginning. I was a sleep deprived mom of a 2.5 year old and an infant and I was barely making through the days. I miss seeing my family during my long training weekends, and I look forward to having an unstructured weekend hanging out having coffee with my husband in the morning and making funny face pancakes for my kids.   

But, I am sure it will only take a few weeks post Ironman that I will be itching to set my next goal. Oh right, it is already set for me Ironman 70.3 Raleigh in June 2014.

Why now? Why not before kids?

I think this question goes hand in hand with the question above.  I never ever considered doing an Ironman before having kids; it was not even in the realm of my possibility. Not because I did not think if a task of this magnitude was presented I could not do it, but I never even heard of an Ironman.

In 1998, I started doing triathlon then took a hiatus for nearly 12 years.  Life got in the way. I began a Masters program and was working full time, which left no time to train consistently for three sports.  Plus, triathlon is an expensive sport and my salary at the time did not lend itself to supporting my sport.

Then in 2009, while finishing my MBA, my hubby learned to swim and began training for his first triathlon.  Being a supportive wife – and a bit competitive too:) – I began training with him.  I graduated in June of 2009 and literally two days after graduation, I found out I was pregnant with my son.  From 2009, I have been either pregnant, breast feeding, and/or trying to get pregnant; thus, ultimately my body was not my own and I had no time to prepare for an Ironman.   So, when my husband and I agreed to 2013 being my year; I’ve embraced it as much as I could and can.  Why not now? 

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