Stroller Rain and Wind Cover, Winter Gear Must Have

Tahoe stroller runningWith winter just around the corner, here is a must have for us stroller runners, rain and wind cover/protector.  Just because it is getting colder outside, does not mean you need to stop walking and/or running with your kids.  Depending on what part of the country you live in, yes, you might get some looks, but in the end it is good for you and your kids to get some fresh air.

Jogging stroller rain and wind covers offer the protection your baby needs in unexpected rains. They are generally made of heavy duty clear vinyl with side air holes that allow good ventilation. According to several reviews I have read, one criteria reviewers judged whether a stroller rain and wind cover is good is if the cover can fold into a compact size. For some this might be important, but to me this does not even factor into my buying decision.  I cannot remember ever trying to fold my rain and wind cover and I have one for each of my jog strollers.

Regardless of your brand of stroller, most companies sell a rain and wind cover.

When shopping for a proper stroller rain and wind cover, here is some guidance.

  • Ensure it is made of heavy duty clear material that will last. Rain covers are used quite regular by active families who keep up with their exercise regime even in cold and wet seasons.
  • I like the stroller rain and wind covers that do not leave permanent wrinkles on the material because I believe it indicates heavy materials.  If you choose to fold your rain and wind cover, you will notice it more. However, as I mentioned above mine stays on all season.  If it is nice above 60 degrees and not raining, it tucks nicely in the top of my jog stroller hood or underneath in the storage compartment.
  • A good stroller rain and wind cover for a stroller should have sufficient side vents to allow air flow and ventilation without letting in rain and moisture that will wet your baby.

Note.  You do not want to use a stroller rain and wind cover if it is 60 degrees or warmer.   The cover does keep the children very warm, so in our case there is no need to layer clothes and jackets. I usually put my kids in their normal day cold weather clothes (i.e., pants, sweater, socks and shoes are optional) and they are nice and toasty.

  • A rain and wind cover that attaches to the jogging stroller firmly so it is not blown away in heavy wind and driving rain. Some covers use hooks and tabs, while others may be designed with Velcro attachments to a stroller.  I personally like the ones with hooks and tabs; I have found the Velcro does not work as well for me.

Major brands in have stroller rain and wind covers designed specifically to fit their brands and models strollers; see the list below. But, for some reason you cannot find a stroller rain and wind cover specifically designed for your brand, there is a universal stroller cover that has decent reviews, Valco Baby Universal 3 Wheel Rain Cover.

The price ranges based on the quality and brand of protector you purchase.

Happy Winter Running.

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