Amazon Wish List New Feature Great for Parents

I was told by a creditable source that Amazon is enhancing their Amazon wish list feature to allow you to “remember” a hidden wish list.

As a mom of two wonderful children with two very different needs and wants, this new feature will significantly reduce my time, frustration and repetition.  Every holiday or special occasion (e.g., birth present, baby shower, birthday, Christmas, just because, etc.), I will not need to send an updated email with the kids’ “private” Shared Wish List URL to my family and friends of their (our) latest gift requests.  I will simply be able to share the list and my family and friends who will be able to “remember” it.

My very first blog post Gift Registries, Are They Worth The Drama? I discuss the benefits of having a wish list for my child. When my son turned one, I made C2 Amazon Wish list public for his 1st birthday because I had so many people ask me what C2 wanted and I found myself copying/pasting the links into an emails and repeating that process several times.   So to be more effective, save time and reduce frustration, we made the decision to go Public (anyone can search for and see this list. You can also share using a link.). I did have hesitation not only because I did not want people to think we were greedy, rude or ungrateful.  But, the main reason was I did not want some predator checking out my son’s wish list and deriving Intel about our family through the wish list.  Being “public”, left us vulnerable.  The day after his birthday, I did change the privacy setting back to “Shared (link only).  Only people with the link can see this list. It will not appear in Amazon search results.”

With this new feature, you will be able to “Share a link” with your friends and family and when they receive the link, they will be able to “Remember” it. Meaning a persistent link to this list will show up in their Wish List navigation for easy future access.  For my family, this means that my husband will now be able to view C2 and Ace’s Amazon Wish List with minimal vulnerabilities at anytime and not constantly ask me to send the link because he is successfully managing his email or send the list to [insert name(s)].  In our case, my husband will no longer have to remind me several times to send the link because it is not my top priority and I will continuously forget.

If you do not have an Amazon wish list for your child(ren), perhaps now is the time. Remember, creating a wish list for your child will make it easier for others to buy for your family. By having a wish list, it gives the sender an opportunity to get a gift both the parents and the child both agree upon instead of buying a gift that is a duplicate or something that is played with once and then is never touched again.  Furthermore, even if someone decides not to buy off the wish list, the list will give your family and friends more insight to what your child’s needs, wants and perhaps clothing size in order to go buy a present elsewhere.  Really, who can remember what size your niece and nephew are in now?

Stay tune for the release of the new Amazon Wish list feature.